Doing it scared

I have no idea what made me decide to start a blog. Well, that’s not totally true. Yes, I do.  Brenda Ster and her Socialite Suite made me decide to start a blog.  I have been in direct sales for almost 4 years now and I have never even considered blogging until I found this wonderful group on Facebook, The Socialite Suite.  I fell in love!  All of my questions are finally getting answers!  Questions I didn’t even know I had were getting answers! Oh my goodness! How have I been surviving in direct sells without this group?!?!

Oh, yeah! That’s right!  I wasn’t!  I was simply there.  I had a skin care/cosmetics business that was completely dormant and honestly, I was ok with that.  I had decided that I was going to let it go. Once my status changed to inactive and I didn’t totally freak out about how I was going to generate enough sells to reactivate my status, I realized that this was not my calling.

My recruiter/sponsor/mentor/whatever you want to call her (let’s call her Kelly) was on the same page with her business.  She might have even cared a little less than I did at that point.  We were both already committed to a vendor event, which neither of us had any desire to do, so we went.  I met the lady who would become our mentor with Origami Owl at that event (let’s call her Terri). (Kelly already knew her and invited her to do the event with us.) About halfway through the event, after watching people just come up to Terri out of the blue as if she had offered them money to do so, Kelly and I decided that we wanted to be a part of that.  After our event was over, and everything was packed up, and we were free to mingle with no potential customers around, I set down with Terri and started asking questions.  She was so eager to answer my questions, but I have to admit, I was only half listening.  ADD kicked in and I was like… “SQUIRREL!!”

I honestly thought nothing else about Origami Owl or Terri until about two months later when Kelly called me and told me that she signed up under Terri.  I was like that’s awesome whatever I’m done with direct sells. She was so excited about this company and how it worked and how it was customizable for everyone and blah blah blah.  Well, crap, an hour later I’m still going over our conversation in my head.  Ugh! I was done with direct sells!  “Shake it off, Angela!” I keep telling myself.  “You don’t have the money for the kit, you don’t have the time to devote to this. Shake it off!  Get this crazy idea out of your head!”

So here I am.  Three years in with my skin care/cosmetics business and a year in with Origami Owl. About six months or so into Origami Owl, I start seeing the name Brenda Ster pop up EVERYWHERE in my team groups.  All of them. From Terri’s group all the way up to our director’s group!  Everybody is mimicing this outline by Brenda.  Who is this Brenda and why is she so special I keep thinking. And then…I found her…I’m not even sure how but I did.  She teaches a different startegy that most direct sells companies.  She teaches attraction marketing and relationship marketing and I found her group. I request to join and I’m approved. I’m here! I have become a member of the infamous Socialite Suite! I’m in!  I’m going places now!

No I wasn’t!  I was in but I wasn’t going places.  Why?  Why am I not going anywhere?! All of these amazing ladies, some 40 something thousand amazing ladies, that are in the Socialite Suite are talking about their sucessess and I’m over here like yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re going places. Great. I’m still stuck here…in a rut…a BIG rut!

And then it hit me! It hit me like a ton of bricks. Like the whole ton of bricks just fell off the top of the Empire State Building and landed on me! I’m not going anywhere because I’m just reading about what everyone else is doing.  Why am I not trying what they are saying is working for them?  I’m here! I wanted to be here! I have to get off my butt and start implementing what I’m learning here!

Oh Lord, I can’t!  I can’t go out there and talk to people! Why would I do that!? They might ask me something! They might expect me to answer. I can’t do that.  Oh NO! Not me…uh nuh nope!  That’s it…I have settled for my family’s business and that’s it. I mean that’s all I really need to be sucessful right? Wrong! So wrong!

If you read my bio, you know that I work in property management also.  Which is where I do the most advertising.  It’s all laid out for me.  I do not have to be creative.  I don’t have to make you want an apartment.  You come to me because you want an apartment.  Hello?  No stepping out of my comfort zone there.  Until the day my boss told me she wanted me to go out and market.  “I’m sorry, what?! I can’t.” Those were my words. She laughed and told me to stick my business card in a Christmas mug with candies in it and go into a few businesses around our area and introduce myself, name and title, and offer them a mug as a small token of appreciation for them being in our community, thank them for their time, and that’s it.  “That’s it?” I said.  That seems way too easy.  So I walk into to first business.  It’s a tire shop full of guys. (Growing up working on cars with my dad…this is my comfort zone.) I hand the young man behind the counter a mug, I introduce myself, I say that I just wanted to stop in and offer them a Christmas mug and invite them to send people they may know that are looking to move my way. He thanks me profusely. I walk out and get in my car and feel like I’m going to die. It’s over…that’s it.  I survived! I cold marketed for my apartments! I didn’t die!

I’m driving home that day feeling like a million bucks…super woman if you will.  I’ve got the radio up and I’m jamming! All of a sudden I here Brenda’s voice saying, “Do it scared.” I try to shake it off. What could that mean? Do it scared? Do what scared?

Oh my goodness!  I know what it means! I find myself at the store buying Christmas mugs with candies in them.  I get home and put my business card in them except this time it’s my Origami Owl business card.  It never even occurred to me to just go in these places and give them a gift and introduce myself and maybe I could generate customers like that.  Idiot!!!  It’s outside the box thinking and it had to come from my day job? Really?  Whatever!  I’m over it now. I did it. And I lived. And I got a customer…just one but her order paid me back for my marketing expenses and then some so it was completely worth it!  I will continue to find some way to market myself to local businesses.  I have to.  I have to get my name out there.  I have to create my brand. (That’s another post for another day.)

I’ve just started implementing a portion of what I’ve learned in the Suite, but it’s already changed my business for the better.  Brenda is amazing and her group of Socialites are amazing.  If I had not found the Suite, I would have a second direct sells business that I let go.  Now I watch my numbers daily.  I have a team and I watch their numbers daily.  I’m coming up with training information to help them succeed.  I’m more concerned with my team succeeding than I am my own success! I think that’s when you know that the relationship has become the main focus of your business.

When I sat down to post this, I wasn’t sure what I was going to post about.  I’m still not sure that I made a point, but I did it.  I created my very first blog post.  I did it scared, but I did it.  And I lived.

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