Questions to ask before you join a direct sales company

wordswag_1485729884484Direct Sales…it’s a big industry.  It’s a HUGE industry!  There are tons of direct sales companies out there.  There are so many options; clothing and apparel, skin care and cosmetics, health and dietary supplements, jewelry and accessories.  The options are limitless!  Truly limitless!

Do you have a passion for dietary or weight loss products?  Maybe your niche is in skin care and cosmetics?  Perhaps you’re a fashionista and have a love for new clothing designs or all things “bling”.  (Uh…hello? Who doesn’t?) Only you can answer that.

So how do you chose which company is right for you? This is where we really dig in. You love the product, but you need to know if you love the company right? I know what you’re thinking…”How do I find out about the company?” I got you!  I’m going to give you a list of questions that you want to find the answers to.  Are you ready? Here it is:

  1. How long has this company been in business?
  2. Are the founders of the company still affiliated with it?
  3. If the company has a mission or vision statement, what it is?
  4. How many consultants are in your area?
  5. Are consultants required to carry inventory?
  6. Is there a product warranty? If so, what is it?
  7. How often does the company release and/or retire products?
  8. Start up cost?  Do I have to buy a kit? What comes with the kit? How much is it?
  9. Is there a fee to maintain a business website?
  10. What are the sales or volume requirements to remain active?
  11. Is there a fee for going inactive?
  12. Is there a penalty/fee to terminate as a consultant?
  13. Is there a product buy-back process?
  14. Are consultants allowed to pay for advertising?
  15. Are consultants allowed to advertise on social media?
  16. Can consultants create their own marketing assets?
  17. Can consultants build a blog or their own website for their business?
  18. Are there hostess incentives and if so, who pays for them? The company or the consultant?
  19. What are the policies on selling for multiple direct sales brands?
  20. What is the commission rate on the products?
  21. Do consultants purchase products at wholesale or retail?
  22. Is personal volume calculated from wholesale or retail?
  23. How often is commissions payout and how is it paid?
  24. Are they any incentive programs for new consultants?
  25. Can consultants earn free products?
  26. What type of rewards are consultants eligible to receive and what are the requirements?
  27. How do I promote to leadership?
  28. Are they any restrictions on how and where you can recruit new team members?
  29. How do you get paid on your team members?
  30. What is your sponsor’s background?
  31. Is their business plan and goals in line with yours?
  32. Who is their upline?
  33. Does your sponsor offer any kind of team training? Incentives?
  34. What type of training is available for new consultants?


Once you have answers to these questions, the only thing left is to decide if this company speaks to your “why?”.  If it does, and you feel like this company is something you can be passionate about, dive in!  Go for it! You can rock this business with the right materials and support!

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