Why Personal Branding Is Vital To Your Direct Sales Business

wp-1487476489712.jpgOk…You are probably asking “What exactly is personal branding?”  I know the first time I heard those words, that’s what I said. I was so confused. Like, how do I brand my product when my company does that already? I can’t change the branding they provide me with, so how does this apply to me?  Oh my goodness! I was so out of the loop!

It took me a little bit to really grasp the idea of branding myself.  I finally got on board with it and began to understand it after taking a course that Brenda Ster offers, “Brand Yo’Self With Suite Graphics”.  It’s amazing! She’s amazing!  Complete game changer! I get it now! (If you’re interested in taking Brand Yo’Self or any of Brenda’s amazing course, you can check them out here.)

So what is it exactly?  It is your voice, your look, your personality. Personal branding is injecting you into your business.  It’s how people remember you, know you.  For example, I have a customer that refers to me as “The Sparkly Locket Lady”, my family refers to me a hot mess.   That’s my brand…I’m a “Sparklin’ Hot Mess”.  That’s how people know me.  It’s my mark.  It’s on everything I do. Pictures, graphics, quoted images, doesn’t matter. Some where on everything I do, is my watermark and it reads “SparklinHotMess”.  My customers and my team know that’s me.  That’s part of my personal brand.

Besides using a watermark with your brand, you can determine a color scheme that fits your personality.  I love pinks, purples, and teals, which work perfectly with my company branding.  Most of my images have some sort of mix of those colors whether it is in the font or in the background.  It’s an identifying factor.

So why is this important for direct sales?  It sets you apart from other consultants in your company, because, like it or not, you are not the only consultant for your company.  Personal branding allows you to build relationships with your customers because they feel as though they are getting to know you as a person instead of just as a their consultant. It allows you be authentically you.

So why is personal branding so important? Your company sells your product.  They create all of the branding for your product.  You sell you!  Your personal brand is how you sell you! So get out there and start creating your brand!

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