At Peace…Even If Only For The Moment

So it’s been a while since my last post and I honestly don’t know why. I have plenty to say and tons to talk about. In case you haven’t figured me out yet, I’m very opinionated and I can literally talk about anything. So I’m not sure why I haven’t posted anything recently. Come to think of it, I haven’t posted on any of my social media accounts lately.

I guess I should catch y’all up real quick. In February my uncle passed unexpectedly and he left behind a mess to deal with because, like anyone else, he thought he had time to tie up loose ends. He was only 55 years old and was not ill so his passing was quite a shock to the family. He was married but they were separated and he was dating someone else. His wife has been something else! They had been separated for almost two years but as soon as she found out he passed she decided to pull the “wife” card and try to push his family out of all the arrangements and everything. He had two acres of land with two homes, one on each acre. He lived in one and my grandmother lived in the other. His wife thought she was going to inherit that land and be able to take it away from my grandmother. Well, as luck would have it, we live in Louisiana and we are the most backward state where laws are concerned. Because he owned the land and homes outright before they got married and he had no will and they had no children, his brother (my father) actually inherits the land and my grandmother maintains use of her land and home until she either passed or no longer wants it.

You may remember my post where I was hiding from my children and my mother in the bathroom just so I could have a few minutes to myself. Since my grandmother didn’t want to keep her land if she was going to be there alone and my dad has land and a home of his own, my dad has given me use of the land and home. My grandmother keeps her independence and I get out of my mother’s house. My girls get their own room and my son has his room again. Its all a great setup. Well…until I started going through his stuff to pack it up and clean the house up. I didn’t realize how hard that would be.

You see, my uncle and I had a very odd relationship. We didn’t see much of each other and didn’t talk much. I loved him dearly and I know he loved me. We just didn’t interact much. You might say we weren’t close and I really couldn’t argue with that but it is still hard going through his personal stuff. His razor and toothbrush were laying on the bathroom counter and I have a box sitting there and can’t make myself out his stuff in it. Its not going anywhere but the closet and I still can’t do it.

He had started painting the house before he passed so instead of packing his stuff up, I have started painting what he didn’t get to. I painted cabinets last night. They look so much better but I’m not done yet. I only got to finish one set of them and still have about ten more sets to go. I will finish them up during the week this week since I’m obviously not going to get to finish them today, which coincidentally is my only day off this week.

I was looking forward to finishing them today but apparently my car had different plans. It stormed here last night. My son and I got in the car this morning on our way to take him to school and my roof starts dripping water. Its actually more like a steady stream of water coming from my headliner right over the center console of my car. I say several choice words as I’m pulling out of the driveway and run him to school. On my way home, I call Kia since my car is still under warranty. They tell me to bring it in so off to Kia. Two and a half hours later they tell me it’s the deal on the windshield that I had to have replaced last year and that I have to take it back to the place that did the windshield. I’ve already taken it back there once when it was leaking at the bottom of the glass onto my feet while I was trying to drive and was basically told I was imagining things. I’m not sure how one imagined water on the toes but um…ok…no fix my windshield. So I’m already dreading going back over there.

So here I sit at the windshield place. I’m mad already. I’m hungry. I’m not getting anything that I needed to do today. I’m starving. I’m mad! I’m ready to go. I have to pee like nobody’s business…I know…TMI…sorry. I’m mad. They come in and say that it’s definitely leaking. Well thank you Captain Obvious! I don’t know how I would have known that if you hadn’t told me! They go on to say that they have to pull the glass and redo the deal but the likelihood of not breaking the windshield in the process is very slim. He calls his supplier to have a new windshield sent over just in case and finds out that they don’t have one in stock and the soonest they can have it to him is Tuesday of next week. So he orders it and tells me to bring my car back to them on Wednesday of next week and they will get it taken care of. Um…problem…I work all next week and won’t have another day off until the following Tuesday so I now have to go another two weeks with my windshield leaking. At least they have identified the problem and are going to fix it. It’s only taken them a year and a complete staff change to figure it out.

Now, instead of painting cabinets, I’m sitting here at the boat launch watching the river and enjoying the view while I eat before I have to get the boy for a doctor’s appointment. So much for my day off and getting things that I wanted to do done while I could. Just another day in paradise! Although, while I’m sitting here, it occurs to me that I used to come out here all the time to clear my head and just take a minute for myself to enjoy the scenery and catch my breath and now I don’t. I’m definitely going to have to make time for this more often again. I’ve had such a crappy morning and just sitting here with the windows down in my car, listening to music and the birds chirping, watching the river roll by is so relaxing and suddenly, nothing else matters right now. It’s peaceful here and even though I only have a few minutes to enjoy it, I’m taking it all in while I can.

I thought I’d share my view of the Red River with y’all. Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I am.

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