About Me

About me??? Where do I start???

Let me see….My name is Angela and I’m a divorced (3 times) mother to 3 awesome little monsters! I may be bias but I’m ok with that. They are rotten but I love them to no end. They call me mom…I call me SUPER MOM!

I’m a Designer with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. I absolutely LOVE the company, the products, everything! Origami Owl has been an amazing opportunity for me!

In addition to Origami Owl, I work in property management, which can be quite interesting to say the least. I do enjoy property management…well…until I have to walk apartments that are really disgusting after someone moves out. Eeeewwwwaaa!!!! I hate my job those days. But, you gotta take the good with the bad right. I think…I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere.

I’m totally a legging fanatic!! I honestly, wholeheartedly fought this movement tooth and nail but then I tried a pair on. Instantly hooked! Literally can not buy enough leggings! They are totally pants! I actually love leggings so much now that I became an affiliate with Legging Army. Obviously, I didn’t already have enough to do and I had way too much spare time. HA!

I have been told that I’m hard to handle. What??!! ME??? Really? I’m just a misunderstood southern girl! Ok….maybe I’m hard to handle. I’m extremely sarcastic and pretty blunt. I pretty much say anything that pops into my head. This gets me in trouble sometimes…A LOT actually. On top of being a blunt smart-mouth, I’m extremely ADD. (I’m serious…I still take meds for it.) That being said, I don’t mentally process what I’m about to say until I’ve already said it…which is usually about 2 seconds to late. Ooops!

People seriously either love me or hate me. There is no in between. One or the other. I’m really kinda ok with that. I should probably work on that but at this point in my life, I’m really more focused on loving myself and my kids and making the 4 of us happy. I’m pretty sure my kids are all going to need counseling after living with me for an extended period of time…I say that because I hear myself talking every time one of them opens their mouth (they all seriously sound just like me). I almost feel bad for their future spouses because they have all been taught by one huge hot mess to be huge hot messes. My work here is done!

I’m really not a difficult person to get along with. I’m just old and set in my ways. (I’m 35, almost 36 but I have the life experiences that make me more like 135, almost 136, so I’m old.) My days are filled with work, kids, work, kids, food, kids, work, parents, kids, kids, kids, work, parents…you get the point. I’m busy 24 hours a day. It’s good for my ADD. It keeps my mind occupied. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

I hope that you find something here that is informative or entertaining. I would love to connect with you! I’m all over the web…FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. Search sparklinhotmess and you should find me. But…my links are in my profile to make it easy for ya 😉